AfroLife to Distribute Google’s GODCOMPLX

LOS ANGELES (December 12, 2017) – AfroLife, a wholly owned subsidiary of Press Media Group launching early 2018, today announced it will distribute Google’s original web series GODCOMPLX, a groundbreaking show challenging stereotypes of black women and the LGBTQIA+ community in computer science. AfroLife will distribute the show and leverage its unique platform of integrated digital streaming, social media, and curated story-telling for African American and Afro-Latino audiences to build viewership and engagement for Google’s breakout new show in collaboration with Conroy Productions.

AfroLife will offer a media destination for consumers of color blending classic, popular, emerging and independent content early 2018. With the recent success of television shows and movies featuring women of color in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) like Hidden Figures, market research showing the strong surge in multicultural consumption of streaming content and the lack of content options specific to this population, the AfroLife offer will include a premium experience projected to attract strong consumer adoption.

“When we analyze strategic partnerships it’s critically important that our partners share our mission and vision of changing the narrative on how the African American community is seen in media while connecting the global African Diaspora around premium content,” said Alberto Marzan, founder and chief executive officer of AfroLife. “We’re excited by Google’s recognition of the powerful stories emerging from multicultural communities, and equally important, a strong demand for access to this content. GODCOMPLX is an incredible addition to our catalogue because it perfectly represents the stories we’re interested in sharing.”

Launched in 2016 and funded by Google Computer Science (CS) in Media, GODCOMPLX highlights the work life and relationships of a twenty-something, Black female coder giving context to this underrepresented category of innovators in the space. Season two aims to explore deeper territory of underrepresentation in the industry and the various applications of computer science and machine learning across fields.

“After the successful launch of season one, we’re ready to leverage the power of this story and this new platform to reach even more people,” said Daraiha Greene, Head of Multicultural Engagement for CS in Media. “After meeting with AfroLife and learning about how they are driving innovation within our community, the OTT space and premium multicultural content, we knew this partnership was a natural fit. We’re all looking to leverage a healthy level of industry disruption and innovation to break barriers for people of color, merchandise the power of business models and content offerings specific to culture-based narratives, and provide opportunities for people who dream to create and amplify these stories.”

GODCOMPLX launched season one in November 2016 earning over two million impressions. In addition to exclusively streaming GODCOMPLX, AfroLife, Conroy Productions, and Google will also collaborate to co-produce season two of the show. The team will launch a national, spring promo tour across historically black colleges and universities and film festivals.

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