Training for life

For me, it's not about looking like I walked off the football field or looking like an "athlete" (thanks Patrick). It's about being emotionally healthy. My emotional health is much more important than looking like an athlete or being able to push weight around the gym as if I was still in college (which I can ;).

Six times a week you can find me at my head therapy session after 6 pm in the evening (never in the morning). I can be traveling around the country or world - I am in the gym. At times, it is my one and only consistency, which is needed. Training for me is my meditation time, my alone time, my me time where I have a set schedule of things to do without interruptions (at least most days). Rarely will you find me working out with others or having water cooler conversations at the gym. I don't judge those who do but that's not why I'm there. I have people that depend on me, love me, and are waiting for me to clear the way for them so I take head therapy time serious.

In the coming year, you will find me sharing personal and unfiltered posts about me, wins and losses, and sometimes rawness. Strap it up, the journey is going to be interesting. 

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