Born Jacques Berman Webster II has a Carter that he’s worked hard for and many envy. Not only had he baby’d the most successful Kardashian’s, he also has one of the more successful tours in the world right now (with a full blown rollercoaster that rolls around over the crowed while he’s riding it!!) but what you may not know is that this guy is all that he’s cracked up to be. Super creative with psychedelic beats and switch backs that are more mature than most of his cult followers. Just take a look at some of his videos and you’ll soon be transported into Astroworld (named after the defunct amusement park in Huston, TX) and hang on cuz legitimately creative. Sure, you can light one up if you like as well.

The kid from Huston, TX went to the University of Texas in San Antonio before leaving it to pursue his creative and music dreams. Travis was a producer on Kanye’s Yeezus albumn in 2013 and had a Super Bowl showing this past year, the kid is for real. I am actually excited to see what he is able to create as his taste for music ferments.

Those of you who know me know that I’'ve had these three albums of #foreverreplay and I’m not stopping anytime soon. Below are my top three tracts from three different albums. Take a listen and check back soon.