Founder and CEO of Press Media Group and AfroLife, Alberto Marzan is an innovator set to transform the landscape of global streaming and OTT marketplace. Recognized throughout his career as an agent for change and strategic growth, in 2015 Marzan’s passion for impact led him to create a destination that consumers of color can call home. Marzan had a vision: to revolutionize the way content aimed at people of color is licensed, distributed, and shared on a global scale. Marzan leads with forward-thinking strategy, but is propelled by his passion for culture and connectivity—a fire that was ignited in him as a child.

Marzan’s family immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic when he was just ten years old. The family settled in Davie, Florida, where Marzan remembers it was not uncommon to see members of the Ku Klux Klan riding their horses through town. Marzan retreated from this grim reality the way many children facing adversity do, by indulging in the only escape he could find - watching television. He counts as a defining moment the afternoon he sat on the couch in his family’s double-wide trailer watching Different Strokes, The Jeffersons, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. “Back then, I didn’t see a lot of people on TV who looked like me,” recalls Marzan, “and that was confusing to me. But then I saw Uncle Phil in his sweater that was just like the sweater my dad wore. I thought ‘There is a family who looks like my family!’ That had a very powerful effect on me as a child. It made me feel connected.”

Today, African-Americans consume more media than any other demographic group. Capitalizing on that growth potential and connecting this robust, trendsetting audience globally is Marzan’s mission. “We are building a destination for people to connect over content,” says Marzan, explaining how an AfroLife consumer in the UK can connect, through the site’s ecosystem, with a consumer in Los Angeles, sharing their experiences across the platform.

Marzan brings to Press Media Group 20 years of experience as a leader in media, marketing, and enterprise innovation, along with an exceptional talent for building powerful partnerships. As CEO of the International Children’s Heart Foundation, Marzan worked closely with Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, the Vice President of the Dominican Republic, spearheading an initiative bringing pediatric cardiology centers to the country and training local doctors in cutting-edge, life-saving techniques. A keen strategist, Marzan also founded and led the only media and marketing company in Minneapolis-St. Paul specifically aimed at consumers of color, producing impactful campaigns for Disney, the Department of Defense, and General Mills. In 2014, Marzan created the Miami-based Grand Art Group, an innovative enterprise producing classical musical events, featuring world-class performers, and bringing them to venues across the globe.

Marzan’s commitment to excellence and his track record of success have garnered him numerous prestigious accolades, including a nod from Forbes magazine, which in 2004 recognized Marzan as one of the nation’s most outstanding businessmen. In 2008, Marzan became the first Dominican recipient of the Minneapolis-St Paul’s Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Award. That same year, the Twin Cities Business Journal named him one of 2008’s Minority CEOs of the Year. A former board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Marzan is also co-founder of the Council to Combat Teen Cruelty, promoting life-changing mentoring services for at-risk youth.