Travis Scott

Not only has Mr. Scott properly baby’d the most successful Kardashian but Travis also has one on the worlds most successful tours at the moment (with a real-life full-blown rollercoaster that rolls around over the audience while he’s riding in it!). Travis has a cult-like fan base of global followers that he sucks in with his psychedelic beats and switchbacks that impress even the finest creatives. He ties it all in with autotune and simple melodies and it sounds like pure art.

Travis was a decent student in high-school. He attended the University of Texas San Antonio until he dropped out going into his second year. He moved to NYC where he crashed on friends couches, produced and worked in the studio. He was even one of the producers of Kayne’s Yeezus Album in 2013.

Travis is one of the music industries less violet artists not buying into the machismo attitude that most end up using. This past year he started to flex is business muscles with investments in the startup sector. I am actually exited to see Travis develop as an artist as his music taste ferments. Below are my three favorite tracks from three separate albums.

If you know me, you know that I’ve had these on forever replay for months now. Go ahead and check them out and if you wanna hit it a little, go right ahead.